Trendiest Short Nail Art

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Short nails usually get the short end of the stick when it involves nail art. once you flip through the inspirations provided during a book at your nail salon, or scroll through Instagram, you’ll spot that the most recent and coolest designs are usually modelled on extra-long tips.

If you’re someone who will never succumb to the siren call of acrylic nails, a nail-biter, or stuck with weak nails that just won’t grow regardless of what percentage supplements you’re taking , don’t fret. You and your adorable short nails can still hang.

While we love the arrogance boost that comes with a fresh set of trendy nails, but we’re not crazy about a number of the drawbacks these trendy long nails have. As anyone who has worn these sort of long nail can tell you, it makes typing, learning coins, fixing contacts, and clasping a necklace pretty tough to try to to .

Get fancy fingers with these trendy nail designs. Next time you’re due for a manicure, and you’re trying to find some inspiration, inspect our favourite nail art looks. There’s everything from subtle ombre and modern takes on the French manicure, through to bold, artsy designs and glossy metallic accents.