Simple College Girl Winter Outfit Ideas to Try

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Winter should not stop you to go to college. Even if you have to face the cold weather outside, it is still important to attend the activities in the college. Of course, it is not only the matter of weather, but it may also be about what you should wear. Actually, winter still can give you chance to look attractive. In case you want to look great with your simple style, there are some great ideas to try. For example, a sleeveless jacket or coat can become good choice. Of course, it comes in combination with the t-shirt with long sleeves. These will give you layer and it looks nice.

When you want to get the full warmth, you can try to have sweater. This kind of outfit never fails to give the real warmth even during the stormy winter. For going to college, it is better to have sweater in nice color, such as blue.

Having some graphic designs in the sweater may also make it look fresher. When these are not enough and you want to get something better, you can try to play with colors and layers. For example, you may have the sleeveless jacket in a dark color while you wear t-shirt in red color. To make it look better, you may add a scarf. The color combination will make look warmer and more attractive.