Our Favorite Boho Bedroom Ideas For You

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Calling all free spirits… Whether you’re obsessed with layering textiles or simply into the cost-effectiveness of shopping vintage, bohemianism—the unconventional, artistic lifestyle that dates all the way back to the 1800s—can become your home’s calling card. And though you may associate bohemian design with kitschy, over-the-top color schemes, materials, and prints, it actually has a ton of range.

Bohemian bedrooms are so relaxing and welcoming. Boho design starts with earthy tones for the bottom of the space . Then all you have to do is add in a few creatively selected, brightly colored accessories. The essence of boho design is an earthy feel with energizing colors.

Boho rooms are free-spirited, vibrant, light, and filled with personality. Essentially, they’re a set of your favorite aesthetic things, placed in unconventional ways, creating an area where you are feeling truly happy and asleep .

Thanks to layers and layers of sentimental textiles, bohemian spaces are made for lounging. So it might stand to reason that bedrooms styled during a bohemian decor quite way are extra cozy and relaxing. Not to mention stunning. And the soothing and dreamy boho bedrooms below are a number of the foremost beautiful within the world.