New Year Nail Art Design Ideas

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Some flashy New Year’s Day nails could also be the closest thing we get to a celebration this year, and if you ask us, that’s not necessarily a nasty thing. We finally have permission to spend New Year’s Eve couziez up on the couch watching the ball drop instead of braving the cold or hitting a packed bar. But even the chillest among us need a touch something that reads festive which is where a NYE mani comes in clutch.

This year we’d be more of a ‘stay reception with a cool glass of champers watching the annual countdown’ quite gal than last year’s ‘going out out grab as many sequins as you’ll and wear all of them at once’ sort of woman, but regardless, New Year’s Day eve remains the perfect time to undertake a touch OTT nail art.

Nudes and muted shade nail polish? We don’t think so. Not tonight a minimum of — it’s New Year’s Day Eve, the foremost fun and celebratory holiday we’ve , and your New Year’s Day nails should reflect that over-the-top energy. So if you’re trying to find a couple of metallic polish which can shine brighter than the Waterford crystal-encrusted. you’ve come to the right place.

For the beauty-obsessed, New Year’s Day Eve is that the right excuse for ridiculously cool nail art. This year, we’re going with chic, minimalist designs thereupon little something extra, like speckled glitter and (tastefully) bejeweled cuticles. Below, we rounded up the some prettiest nail designs which will make ringing in New Year’s Eve desire a party—even if you’re just watching the ball drop on your couch with friends.