Make Your Living Room Look a Glamour an Luxury

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Some people have a clear view of how they want their living rooms to look. Others need to be inspired. If you know that you want something glamorous, but you’re not sure how to go about it or what route to take, head over to Pinterest for some easy inspiration. Whether you want subtle glamour or something over-the-top, you’re sure to find something to inspire your inner decorating diva. Achieve a glamorous look using a single tone.

If you love sophisticated luxury, then the glamorous decor style could be right for your home. Inside glamorous homes, cascading crystals hang from a sparkling chandelier above velvet tufted furniture and draped in faux fur. The look is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and takes inspiration from upscale, classy interior design.

Some prefer their living room to be as simple as possible. Others enjoy a more glamorous approach. With a little bit of inspiration you can try to achieve a balance. The living room is usually perceived as being the most important area in the house so it’s the perfect starting place for such a project.

For a punch of luxe, layer on small details—shiny pillows, nailhead trim, and subtle patterns. Including a casual piece (like the textural area rug) calms down the look. Bring your personality into the mix with decorative accents that speak to your taste.