Living Room Christmas Decor Inspiration

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Year after year, you almost certainly follow an equivalent Christmas decorating routine. You dig your decorations out of boxes in the garage or attic and toss any items that might have broken or ran their course.

Your living room is the heart of your home all year long, but it feels extra important once the holidays roll around. Not only is it the simplest backdrop for intimate gatherings, but also the go-to location for your Christmas tree (And, if you’re lucky to possess a hearth it’ll triple as Santa Claus’s primary entrance.)

Getting out your favorite holiday decorating are often a stunning and overwhelming experience all at an equivalent time. Bauble after bauble brings back a vacation memory to savor, but every box of decorations begs the question, Where do I begin? The answer is easy: Your front room or den.

To get every inch of your home into the vacation spirit, take a cue from these creative and festive decorating ideas for spaces big and little . Whether you favor traditional decor or something a touch more out there, we guarantee you will find something you would like to recreate on this list—there are some Christmas decorating ideas, after all. And when you’re able to trim your tree, we have got you covered with ideas, too.