Latest Winter Nail Art Color Ideas

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Nail art is interesting thing to explore especially when you concern about the seasons. During winter, some people put gloves and try to cover their hands. Of course, that’s not good sign when you want to show off your nails. In fact, gloves may destroy your nail if you do not wear it properly.

However, this situation does not limit your style and many ideas are available for nail art color. Most people think winter is dull season. You can change that perception using bright gold nail art. Gold, green, and blue are the best options for nail color during winter.

Frosted blue bring the art that you are winter-like person. As you know, this color represents winter and ice. Using blue as background indicates that you are in the right season. Besides, another choice is green with bright nature accent. During winter, only few trees can survive and stay in green. You must project the freshness and nature. Combine green and gold to expose nature feeling and cheerfulness in winter. If you like something with bold and strong color, the best option is steel-like, purple, or grey. Dark nail art is what winter supposed to be. You can use this option for extra cover from harsh cold.