Easy DIY Nail Art Of The Week Ideas

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Here are four easy DIY methods to make nail art on yourself. Try ombré or gradient nails with a makeup sponge, polka-dot nails with a toothpick or a bobby pin, various nail designs using tape to create stencils, and a tie-dye or marble design using plastic wrap. Here’s how it works. And here she comes. Wow.

Personally, I can barely swipe on a singular shade of polish without getting it everywhere my cuticles, including free-hand any quite nail-art design. And that’s an enormous bummer once you get an enormous a kick out of getting elaborate nails like I do.

I wanted a sunsetty nail design, so I picked white for my base, then light pink and coral to blend together. That’s ugly. I’m doing a terrible job. This nail polish is not my favorite. I’m blaming it on the nail polish and the nail and the camera setup. Merp. I’m just gonna do a single coat. I’m not gonna do a double coat because I just want it to dry fast and this is the base. The white isn’t even gonna show. I painted the 2 colors onto the sponge, then dabbed that on my nail. I had to feature more of the sunshine pink to actually get a good blend.

Good thing we found seven easy mani ideas that even the most recent of newcomers to the nail game can master in only a couple of steps.