Cute Summer Nail Ideas Nail Art

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Summer is the best time of the year to have fun with colorful nails. The best summer nails are colorful, pretty and easy, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your vacation or weekend at the beach than maintaining your manicure. Whether you like soft pastel or bright neon colors, there are many trendy shapes, unique textures, cool polishes, and cute nail art to experiment with.

Bright yellow beams of light, green leaves full of life, baby blue ocean waves — your manicure can take a cue from the lively and vibrant colors that are found all around us during the summer months.

Nail Art – it’s the easiest way to add a little extra pizzazz to any manicure situation. So when summer comes around and all we want to do is add some jazz to our fingertips and bring the sunshine inside, joyful nail art is our first port of call.

But even though I’ll be staying put for the foreseeable future, I have zero intentions on putting off my summer nail art ideas. Like, who cares if I can’t show off my nails in person? I’m using my summer manis to spark a little joy from the comfort of my apartment.