Cat-Eye Gel Polish because the name implies, is that the same because the cat’s eyes. It can show different light and shadow under the change of sunshine .

As the leaves are changing, so are our manicures — which they happen to use an equivalent color palette.

Blush is few new color, but it’s one which will not get on your radar — and albeit it’s , it’s going to not be in your home! Blush is quickly becoming one of the foremost well liked new colors in home decorating, offering a subtle, sophisticated, delicate touch to any room.

While having an compulsive manicure could even be an outstanding idea all year round, there’s something about summer that makes you’re feeling more adventurous.

Most of brides choose neutral wedding nails as these are the foremost traditional concept usually fits all the bridal styles.

Summer is that the simplest time of the year to possess fun with colorful nails. the simplest summer nails are colorful, pretty and easy , allowing you to spend longer enjoying your vacation or weekend at the beach than maintaining your manicure.

Why leave your nails natural when a little bit of work can turn them into an eye-catching piece of art? The world of nail design has become more creative and innovative than ever before,  there are countless chic and cute ideas to try.

Winter has been pretty punctual so far this year: It’s only two days into December, and many of us have already overcome our lingering Thanksgiving food comas with holiday gift shopping

Whether you like it or not, fall is coming. Get ready for that pumpkin spice craving to start out kicking in and prepare to stay up with the newest manicure trends

From ombre fades and cool graphics to the 1990s French tips that are making a comeback, we’ve got every single nail trend on your feed right here in one place.