When it involves boho bedrooms, there’s no shortage of inspiring imagery on the web . That’s all alright , but the question is: if you would like to make a boho bedroom of your own, where does one start?

If there was just one place that we could prefer to make cozy in our homes, it might just need to be our bedroom.

Creating a up so far space is easier than you’ll think, but it can also be overwhelming when starting from scratch or even revamping what you’ve already got.

Tropical decorating style is quite palm trees and banana plants; it’s a variety of design that reflects the easy-going island lifestyle of warm hospitality, comfort, and ease.

Much like the kitchen, the front room is that the heart of the house . It’s where you enjoy family movie nights, unwind with an honest book, or maybe help your kids tackle their homework assignments.

Small or expansive, a backyard is nothing in need of paradise at your backdoor. From savvy English gardens to on-trend West Coast style spreads, there’s truly no limit to the chances that await you.

We can’t all have a sweeping garden , Olympic-sized swimming bath , or a state-of-the-art court in our backyard—but alittle backyard may be a still a backyard (and even rooftop terraces and modest balconies count in our book).

Here are four easy DIY methods to create nail art on yourself. Try ombré or gradient nails with a makeup sponge, polka-dot nails with a toothpick or a bobby pin, various nail designs using tape to create stencils, and a tie-dye or marble design using plastic wrap.

Spring is that the inspiration for several things: spring cleaning, spring fever, spring ahead, and—of course—new spring nail art.