Alternative Colourful for Winter Weather

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This South Korea packing list goes to point out you ways to pack for winter in Korea. It are often hard to know what to wear in South Korea in winter, especially if like me, you come from a neighborhood where winters are practically non existent.

Korean culture is fast gaining popularity and recognition everywhere the earth . Their television, films, music, and other cultural aspects are admired by many people from round the globe. It’s no wonder that their clothing style, being dubbed as K-fashion, should become desirable also .

If there’s anything you would like to understand what the planning girls in Seoul are currently wearing, it’s that almost everything in fashion is inspired by streetwear on one level or another. Of course, there are always a couple of other, more niche, trends to stay an eye fixed on within the country, so we took a glance through the good street style shots from Seoul Fashion Week to spot what’s dominating in Korea.

If you’re feeling the cold very strongly though, bring a pair or two of thermal underwear to wear underneath your normal clothes.