Abstract Nail Are The New Trend Now

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I love using loose gold leaf on my nailsand for any kind of nail designs. It’s not only quick to apply, but it’s also unpredictable with each placement, which makes it looks like abstract art in the best possible way. Bonus: With abstract nail art, there’s no ‘right’ thanks to roll in the hay , so albeit you’re not knowledgeable , you’ll DIY this mani and it’ll still look fantastic.

With designs made from blocky swoops, squiggly swipes and erratic dots, the manicures gracing our Instagram feeds look more like abstract paintings than nail art, and we’re into it.

And if you’re as big of a lover as we are, you’ve probably noticed that abstract nail art has a flash . And permanently reason: These colorful designs are a fun thanks to rock your freedom of expression, literally right at your fingertips.

Abstract nail art is yet another trending because of do up your nails creatively. The designs can include inspirations from the deepest figments of your imagination which can end up to seem pretty awesome.